Saturday, January 30, 2010

Hockey?? you gonna give that shit up, concentrate on golf!

OH! HI there!

Just stopping by? come on in, I just made cookies! How are things? kids doing well?
Oh by the way, check this beast out!
It was a piece Emma got me to draw a while back for fun, and just recently it was commissioned by a friend, so now it is a painting!
Too bad, it won't be in my living room ever, but yeah, I guess I'm now officially whoring myself and selling my abilities to the top bidder. :) And I'm kind of enjoying it. Painting is getting surprisingly fun!
This one is - again- like 70cm x 90cm. Acrylic paint and Black Paint marker with a touch of watercolour for the light blue ...water... background. :)



  1. mike your getting too good. u should stop :)

  2. thanks sarah, but you'll never stop me! NEVER!

  3. Very nice, i especially like the dude choking the flamingo


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