Wednesday, September 30, 2009

12 second club

HEY! so I was sitting around earlier today, kind of lost, trying to think of something to do with my time. I opened up flash and start screwing around. And this is what spewed out of me. I hope you all enjoy it. :)
its MY month long animated contribution to the internet. Take THAT people who participate in contests that gain them acclaim in the professional world. ...someday I'll be respectable like you...

One love.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Freestyling! like its Random! R- Random!

Whats up peoples?
So here's a little something I thought I'd throw on here just because.
Just some expressions, that were supposed to just be warm up sketches, but I liked the way they looked, so I decided to colour them. Also... I've been reading a lot of comics as of late, I think its showing a little through the style in these. ...hmm... BYE!!! I love you all! on my ads some more! :D

Thursday, September 10, 2009


YO, y'all n***a's need, to cook up cocaine wif- b'king powdah an' sell it. All duh best, Cornrolla. P.S. PRRRRRRRRRR!!!

So yeah, now that THATS out of the way, check this drawing out!
I started this one exactly two years ago, but couldn't get some things right about it, so I put it on hold and stuffed it in a drawer. Occasionally I'd take it out and work on it for an hour at a time, then about a week or two ago I was flipping through old sketchbooks and I came across this. It always kind of bugged me that I never finished this one, This one I felt was ...special, for a number of reasons... I was going somewhere with this one. (mainly because I was developing my style of drawing at the time). So here it is, finally completed. It took somewhere around 18 hours altogether to finish it to this point. I'm working on cleaning it up now, we'll see if that takes me another two years.