Tuesday, August 10, 2010



Holy CRAP long time! (that sounded more "asian prostitutey" than I expected).
So yeah, I haven't posted in forever because I've been back at Workury since Feb. (not that anyone's really been checking to see if I've been posting anyways). things have been pretty steady, busy, all that good stuff.

I haven't had too-too much time for drawing my own stuff since I've been back, though I squeeze in the occasional piece when I get too bored, and I'm starting to get a nice "to-do" stack for the next time I'm out of a contract. So if/when that happens, watch out, I'll be posting as much of it as I can.
Until then though, here's a little something for your viewing pleasure.

I drew this about 6/7 months ago, and took my damn sweet time painting it. I had a certain vision of what this one would look like, but like always, it ended up looking completely different than what I had seen in my head. I would still like to maybe add a bit more background detail, but I'm lazy, so I think this is how this one is going to stay. For all intensive purposes, its finished.

I read a bunch of stuff about the Greek "god" Pan a while back and wanted to do my rendition of him. So here.

anyways, I guess thats it for now, I'll be sure to post as often as I can from now on.

PEACE out internet peoples!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

What would have been.

Whats up everyone! So here's my submission for this past 11 second club competition!
...Well.... it would have been... once again, I missed the submission date and didn't submit.
SOMEDAY, someday, I swear I'll submit a scene and show those rhubarb-eating scallywags over there at 11 second club just what my cojones are made of.

Either way, here's what would have been. I've uploaded the rough lines, because frankly, I like it better than the coloured version I would have handed in.

Feel free to rate it as you would the videos on the 11second club site. :)

Peace out!

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Hockey?? you gonna give that shit up, concentrate on golf!

OH! HI there!

Just stopping by? come on in, I just made cookies! How are things? kids doing well?
Oh by the way, check this beast out!
It was a piece Emma got me to draw a while back for fun, and just recently it was commissioned by a friend, so now it is a painting!
Too bad, it won't be in my living room ever, but yeah, I guess I'm now officially whoring myself and selling my abilities to the top bidder. :) And I'm kind of enjoying it. Painting is getting surprisingly fun!
This one is - again- like 70cm x 90cm. Acrylic paint and Black Paint marker with a touch of watercolour for the light blue ...water... background. :)


Thursday, January 21, 2010


Whats up everyone!

I thought I'd post this here, since I've uploaded it to youtube already. this is the posing/keys/whatever for my January submission to the 11 second club. I'm hoping I can get it done in time this time around.
Hope you all enjoy it, critiquing is always helpful. ...If you want to be helpful that is.


Sunday, January 17, 2010

2010 A Blogspace Odyssey

Well Hellloooooooooooooooooooo there. So here it is, finally a little bit of downtime to finally post some things worth posting. Enjoooyyyyyyyyyeeeeeee!

This first one here, is a Painting I made for my lady for a Christmas Present. I'm not too sure what its supposed to be, it was more just some
thing graphic and "Avant-Garde"y that I wanted to try out to see if I could do it.
The painting itself is like a 2.5 x 3.5 foot canvas, done entirely with acrylic and a paint marker. :)

This one here is another painting that my lady ...commissioned me to do after she saw the Christmas present painting. This one is again, the same-sized canvas as before, and again - done with acrylic and paint marker. ...In case you couldn't figure it out, its a koala eating a live chicken with chopsticks. ...And I know, a Koala in an environment that grows bamboo is silly, but cut me some slack, ok?

In other news, I'm sure you all remember the Alphabet of Sexual Depravity that I posted on here back in August. ...And then took down in September...
Well, I talked to my new friend Rico (of crapculture.com) And we compiled the 26 paintings into a book, to print and give to the world. Here is the *living proof * of the books existence. (*living proof in the form of a .jpg)

As of right now, things are at a slow-point. If anyone would like to order a copy of the book, let me know and I'll let you know if/when I can make that happen for you. :)

In a bit of extremely sad news though. This month marked a major turning point in my life, and hopefully the lives of dozens of others. It took 4 long and adventurous years, but as of January 15th. The once great, and infamous Booger Barn - The unofficial Animation Frat house of Algonquin College - is no more.
For those who never experienced this magical place, you will never know how meaningful and welcoming the house truly was. I honestly wish I could sit down and write out exactly what it meant to me to be a part of the Barn family, but my words escape me. Ask me again in 6 months and maybe I'll be able to piece my thoughts together well enough to explain it to you.

Until then, here's a few before and after pictures to show where we've been and what came of it all when it ended.
If you care to see more of these pictures, I'll be posting them on my facebook in the days and weeks to come.

It's been said a lot in the last few days, and when the day comes when I finally stop saying this, but it needs to be said again and again, Cheers Booger Barn and everyone who helped make it as legendary as it was. ...Cheers.

And Finally, to bring everyone back up a little on the emotional scale; I'll be going back to animate at Mercury Filmworks in a couple weeks. I'll try my best to stay on top of posting any new masterpieces that come out of my being there.

And there you have it. Thanks for reading all of this (if you stuck around this long). See you all real soon.