Tuesday, August 10, 2010



Holy CRAP long time! (that sounded more "asian prostitutey" than I expected).
So yeah, I haven't posted in forever because I've been back at Workury since Feb. (not that anyone's really been checking to see if I've been posting anyways). things have been pretty steady, busy, all that good stuff.

I haven't had too-too much time for drawing my own stuff since I've been back, though I squeeze in the occasional piece when I get too bored, and I'm starting to get a nice "to-do" stack for the next time I'm out of a contract. So if/when that happens, watch out, I'll be posting as much of it as I can.
Until then though, here's a little something for your viewing pleasure.

I drew this about 6/7 months ago, and took my damn sweet time painting it. I had a certain vision of what this one would look like, but like always, it ended up looking completely different than what I had seen in my head. I would still like to maybe add a bit more background detail, but I'm lazy, so I think this is how this one is going to stay. For all intensive purposes, its finished.

I read a bunch of stuff about the Greek "god" Pan a while back and wanted to do my rendition of him. So here.

anyways, I guess thats it for now, I'll be sure to post as often as I can from now on.

PEACE out internet peoples!