Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Loooong over doo doo

Hey there internets!

It has been fooooooreverrrrr. But I have a good excuse, I like to earn money. So I have to keep my screwing around on the internet to a ....yeah nevermind.

So anyway, I don't have too too much in the way of new drawings, but I do have a painting to show off. I was commissioned by my lady to do a piece for an event she was planning this past month. It was a fundraiser for the Children's Wish foundation. She and 5 of her classmates had to put it on as their final project for their program. So they decided to do a high school glee competition. Yes, completely dedicated to the hit show, Glee.

As much as I would like to hate on the show, I won't right now. Because the event was actually a really big success. The teams were pretty talented, they put together some pretty good performances. AND I got to be an unofficial photographer for the night. AND, I got to unleash my drum-kit for the day, and play with it too!

At the end of the night the event ended up raising over $10,000! If anyone cares to take a look at the event and how it went down, check this out:


Anything you want to find out about it can be found there. and you'll see some of my fine photography skills too :) I didn't take all the pictures, but I did take quite a few.

And I did do a painting for the event's silent auction, and at the end of the night it ended up going for ...I think it was around $120. I don't remember. I do think most of the bids were pity bids, but still, some random person got to take it home, and now a piece of me is in their house. :)

So this is the painting.

Does it fill you with that Gleeful feelin'?

Once again though, there are some slight things that I don't like about it. Like any painting I've ever done. But I think it still turned out ok in the end :) I especially liked doing a Brady bunch style thing.

But anyways, that's it for now. Maybe I'll check back in sometime soon and do a nice big upload all over your browsers. :)