Tuesday, February 2, 2010

What would have been.

Whats up everyone! So here's my submission for this past 11 second club competition!
...Well.... it would have been... once again, I missed the submission date and didn't submit.
SOMEDAY, someday, I swear I'll submit a scene and show those rhubarb-eating scallywags over there at 11 second club just what my cojones are made of.

Either way, here's what would have been. I've uploaded the rough lines, because frankly, I like it better than the coloured version I would have handed in.

Feel free to rate it as you would the videos on the 11second club site. :)

Peace out!


  1. one of these days, I'll see Mikes master piece on the 11 second club.
    It's looking really good man, pretty close to being done. I would add a little reaction to the driver when he looks back at the road...and maybe a little jurk of the steering wheel like he went off the road abit. Then add a cheap greenscreen of cars behind him in the background.
    I rated it super awesome amazingness which was a 6...sorry man
    a 10 is "your name is Bj Crawford"
    a 0 is "anyone that uses that shit ugly CG rig"
    so you done well!

  2. Hey Mike, its to bad you didn't get this in there for this month. But it will be a great portfolio piece when its done, i know it. The acting is spot on. I agree with Trent on this one, live action green screened cars, maybe a demo derby or old 20's style cars with the film playing a little too fast. haha. If it was finished im sure it would be a higher score but I'll have to give it a 6 as well.

  3. Great stuff, I agree with Trent and Tony. Only thing that jumped out at me was the lip sync was off on "At the time" And also the driver's green lines make him kind of hard to make out. Otherwise really great work!


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