Thursday, January 21, 2010


Whats up everyone!

I thought I'd post this here, since I've uploaded it to youtube already. this is the posing/keys/whatever for my January submission to the 11 second club. I'm hoping I can get it done in time this time around.
Hope you all enjoy it, critiquing is always helpful. ...If you want to be helpful that is.



  1. Hey dude
    That's looking even better than ur last one man, awesome work, the ending is tremendous acting and timing. I think if u finish, it's definately worth a top 5. U got my vote!
    Goodluck man
    can't get over that last line of dialogue.
    Why is "Haiti" one of the lables for your video...

  2. hahaha thanks a lot man! I'm trying my damndest to get this done before ext week so I can make it pretty for the deadline.
    haha and as for the "haiti" thing. I always try to label my posts with something thats current in the news, in hopes that people google searching will stumble on my posts accidentally :P

  3. "this video is currently not available, please try again later." Sorry, I tried.

  4. now it works, after I publish the comment>.<

    That's looking really great man, especially the ending, as Trent said, is excellent. My only crit would be that I don't think the driver moves quite enough, most of the time only parts of his body move and the rest stay rigid. I know this is probably to save time but it would really work alot better if everything moves just a little bit.

    I really hope you finish this one, it'll be a really excellent piece when you do.

    I had that same problem getting it to play the other day. ...Weird.
    But thank you for the crits! I've added a bit of pantomime driving to the... driver... Hopefully That juices it up a little. and yeah, thanks again! I can't wait to show off the finished product!
    Are you submitting anything this month?

  6. I originaly posted this on the youtube page:

    Hey Mike, great work! I think the acting and timing fit the dialogue nicely but I would maybe stage it a little clearer. (seperate them a little, when he points at Clooney the first time he touches his face, maybe a little lefter. and the second point could maybe be a point down like "thats down right wrong" type o' thang. food fer thought. Great job!

  7. nope, not submitting this month. Work makes me too lazy to animate anything else.

  8. Lol the dog character is pretty funny there, would love to see this completed !! The ending where he crosses his arms and turns away is cool, goodluck!!


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