Thursday, April 23, 2009

Sketches of mon lady.

Hey there interweb.
I haven't been up to a whole hell of a lot lately, and haven't updated in a while. So to make myself feel like I'm doing something productive, I figured I'd put up a couple more sketches from my "Mercury Sessions" folder. ...just to keep you interested in me :)

This first one is just an amalgamation of all the drawings and sketches I've done of my lady in the last few months. I was gonna leave them just as the raw sketches, but figured I'd pretty them up for you; John Q. Public.

And this here is a nice little life-drawing I did of my lady a while ago. (I like to draw her while she sleeps. ...Then
smell her hair... wait...)

Enjoy people! and yeah uh as always, clicking on ads helps feed my children.



  1. WHOA! These are good studies man. Is that bottom one on the huge newsprint pads? Buy me Bonestorm...

  2. Does your lady find it at all creepy that you study her while she sleeps or is she used to that sort of thing by now?

    Also, does she know about the hairbrush-hair voodoo doll yet?


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