Friday, April 24, 2009

Change? got any change?

Whats up again!
HERE I was sitting down today thinking, "You know what?! I'm gonna be productive today!!! I'm gonna do something worth my time like, find a job, or animate something, or learn a new skill!" EVERYONE should try learning a new skill every now and then, right?
But then after ten-failed minutes of pretending to animate traditionally I got back into photoshop... It was only supposed to be for a few minutes, something to fart around with while I ate lunch. Alas its 4 hours later and I have some new crap to post. (not to mention a 'fancy' new (stock) layout for my ever-growing blogosphere). And a new title box that's pretty much just an alternate version of the drawing in this posting.

So here's the sketch. One day at Work a while back I was wasting time, and listening to nirvana, skynyrd, and smashing pumpkins. ...Where this sketch came from, I'll never know.... And all I had was a pen.

Then, KABLOOMERS, its coloured.

Enjoy internet. I love you. And click on my ads and leave me some comments, and I'll try to dothe same for you.

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