Thursday, November 5, 2009

My unfinished 11 second club

Whats crack-a-lackin? ....sorry....
So yeah, this was my entry for October's 11 second club. To answer your question Stefan, I did not end up submitting it, I didn't end up finishing because I got a job halfway through the month and had to put this on the back-burner in order to teach myself how to do my new job.
But, after viewing and voting on this months entries, I felt mine still needed the chance to be seen. So here it is. Hope y'all like it.

side note, doesn't this month's sound clip sound fun!?!?!


  1. What you've got here is really nice's too bad you couldn't get it done because I think you would have gotten a really great score on it. Hopefully another time.

  2. Thanks guy!!
    I looked at the results just now and I didn't see yours (granted I noticed it skipped from 100 to 102, so was yours 101? or was it higher up and I just didn't notice the numbers skip before?) because if yours was 101, you got robbed dude. yours was easily top 10.

  3. Dude...This is awesome! You could have done great, even with it not finished! The walk at the start has soo much friggn character to it. Nice work Mike! The character turned out great aswell, hopefully we'll see this all finished one day!

  4. hey mike, yeah I came in 43rd place. Better than last time but still not very good.


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