Friday, March 27, 2009

Sandy Hall life drawing. wait, its sandy hi-...

So, I went to Sandy hill life drawing for the first time ever this week, it was my first time actually life drawing (I say actually, in a way that I mean life drawing someone outside of the house who was paid to model for me and others) in almost a year. This was the product of that evning. I had fun, I hope you do too ...looking at the pics that is... ...and if you don't...'re not a nice person.

First one done in orange chalk pastel

20 mins

done in 4B graphite

30 mins

third done in 4B graphite as well,

also 30 mins

Last one done in charcoal pencil

Also 30 mins.

Believe in your dreams....

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  1. Good stylisation on the line here. Very Batman. Skull seems a little too small for the body though....could just be the angle.


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